About Us

The Bitter Irony is a departure from traditional culture. We aim to embellish you with the ability to express yourself in your own unique creative way with our high-quality artworks.

"If nothing else, believe in art."


Eccentric self-taught artist from Melbourne, Australia.
Mickee uses a variety of mediums to portray his philosophies, using his ability to see the world from a unique perspective to challenge minds and provoke alternative ways of thinking.
Mickee began his art career by dipping his foot in the tattooing world which introduced him to other forms of art he would grow an insatiable passion for. He would later take on commissioned projects and acquire different techniques which is incorporated across his work.
Much of Mickee's influence derives from his background in tattoo culture, poetry, Psychology, Nature and Philosophy.
As a person who has struggled with mental health for most of his life, he understands the importance of creative expression in art and culture, and how it can help people understand things about themselves that would otherwise go unnoticed.
With an illustrious background in art and art cultures, self-taught creative artist, Mickee, established 'THEBITTERIRONY' in 2016 as an extension of his work. Drawing inspiration from psychology, philosophy, poetry, mental health and nature, THEBITTERIRONY aims to challenge minds and perception through the power of art and philosophy.
You can find more information about Mickee HERE.


Due to the quality of our products, standard estimated delivery times are between 10-20 business days in most areas. As we develop, so will the accessibility of our products. You can find more information on our fulfillment and shipping HERE.

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