The Bitter Irony is back!

Hello, Visitors!

After a hiatus, I'm thrilled to announce my return to the digital realm.

What’s New?

Fresh Artworks

My studio has been buzzing with creativity! I’ve poured my heart and soul into an ongoing collection of captivating artworks that blend tradition with innovation. From vivid landscapes to abstract wonders, there’s something for every discerning eye.


Revamped Website

The Bitter Irony has undergone a stunning makeover. Sleek, intuitive, and brimming with inspiration, it’s your gateway to explore my portfolio, learn about my artistic journey, and shop for your favorite pieces.


Social Media Reunion

I missed you! Join me as I share behind-the-scenes glimpses, new artworks, and exclusive sneak peeks. Let’s reconnect and celebrate art together.


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Thank you for being part of my artistic journey.

If nothing else, believe in art - Mickee