Useless Information

Useless Information - Digital, 2023

In the quiet of my studio, I embarked on a journey, a dance between chaos and order. The digital veil, a silent witness, awaited its transformation. My palette held secrets, shades of purple, black, white, and grey—each hue a whisper of forgotten memories.

Geometry met intuition, and I surrendered to the canvas. Crystalline forms emerged, their edges sharp as forgotten dreams. Angular and organic, they danced, defying gravity. The central sphere a celestial body or perhaps a gemstone beckoned with its textured surface. Was it a cosmic secret or a mundane truth?

The background, a velvety abyss, cradled lighter geometric shapes. They floated like stardust, weaving patterns of useless information. What did they signify? Were they echoes of lost conversations, fragments of forgotten equations, or whispers from distant realms?

As the composition settled, I stepped back. The mood hung heavy—an invitation to unravel the enigma. Was this art or science? A riddle or a revelation? Perhaps both. The title, bestowed with care, held a paradox: Useless Information.

And so, dear viewer, I leave you with this puzzle, an anomaly full of questions. Dive into its depths, seek meaning where none exists, and find solace in the absurd. For in this tapestry of uselessness, perhaps lies the essence of existence itself.

- Mickee