As an imaginative artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia, I employ a diverse range of mediums to express my philosophies. My unique ability to perceive existence from a surreal viewpoint aids others and helps me comprehend my own challenges through my artistic lens.

My comprehension of art’s profound influence on our thought processes and its potential to assist individuals, much like it has aided me, has led me to embrace this concept. I strive to convey my message in a manner that resonates with others.

In 2016, I founded The Bitter Irony as an extension of my artistry, a platform for personal growth and sharing my creations with the world. I have been self-educating in various techniques and styles while developing my own. My journey has seen me participate in exhibitions and collaborate with fellow creatives.

While my work is primarily driven by personal experiences and ideas, I draw significant inspiration from psychology, philosophy, and nature. Armed with these tools, I challenge perceptions and minds through imagery that oscillates between the dark and the beautiful.

"Beauty can be discovered anywhere, even in the darkest of places. For light & darkness are in the eye of the beholder." - Mickee