The Damage Is Already Done

The Damage Is Already Done - Digital 2023

In the barren lands where once life flourished, a figure draped in black stands alone amidst the desolation. The earth is scorched, trees are dead and stripped of their leaves, and the air is thick with an ominous silence. The anomalous figure holds aloft a dark sphere, an artifact of immense power that was meant to bring prosperity but instead brought ruin.

The sphere was discovered eons ago, buried deep within the earth. It promised power and knowledge beyond human comprehension. Nations warred over it; friendships were shattered, alliances broken. When at last it was activated, its dark energy seeped into the soil, air, and water—poisoning all life.
Now this lone guardian of what remains is cursed to wander these desolate lands for eternity—a living reminder of human folly. Every touch of wind against their skin is a haunting whisper of what once was; every gaze upon the dead land is a reflection of insurmountable guilt.

Yet amidst this devastation lies an unyielding spirit—for in their hands not only lies the instrument of destruction but perhaps also redemption. As they raise it towards the heavens amidst gathering storm clouds—there’s both despair and a silent plea for forgiveness; an acknowledgment that though damage has been done—hope, however faint, should never be extinguished. - Mickee