Creative artist from Melbourne, Australia. I use a variety of mediums to portray my philosophies, using my ability to see existence from a surreal perspective to help others and understand my own challenges through my artistic vision.

Through my understanding of the impact that art can have on the way that we think and how it can help people the way it has helped myself; I have adopted this idea and aim to emulate my message in a way that may connect to others.

I established 'THEBITTERIRONY' in 2016 as an extension of my art as a place for me to grow as an artist and share my work with everyone. I have been teaching myself various techniques and styles whilst creating my own. Throughout my journey, I have taken part in exhibitions and collaborated with other creative minds.

Although driven by personal experience and ideas, I am heavily inspired by psychology, philosophy and nature. Equipped with these tools I challenge minds and perception through imagery that can be perceived as both dark and beautiful.

"Beauty can be discovered in any place, even in the darkest of places. For light & darkness are in the eye of the beholder." - Mickee