A Psychological Crusade is a journey to the unknown in order to find answers within oneself, to open doors of the mind, to expand the universe within ones psyche.
This crusade is an invitation to a pensive awakening.

This series is a departure from traditional ideas to create an atmosphere using abstract concepts best suited for the dark surrealist, the one's who aren't afraid of taking a spiritual wander in a ploy to learn about themselves as an individual.
I value art and it's power to heal and raise questions of society, of humanity. If we can look beyond the surface, we can find the most beautiful things even in the darkest of places.

I've curated each episode (both visual and audio) based on my own personal experiences, sharing things I've learnt in my psychological journey.
Each part of the story represents a different realisation, whilst also feeling connected such like a mind.
The music I've produced for this project is designed for each piece, with inspiration from funk, dark wave, electronic, classical and ambience to create a uniquely wide atmosphere of dark surrealism.

As an abstract thinker, I've always been interested in the idea of explaining the unexplainable using familiar concepts and philosophy.
Art, to me, is something much more than a pretty picture; it's a feeling, a mood. As a self-taught artist, I've learnt to build ideas based on emotions and to think not just outside of the box, but so far away from the box that it becomes inconceivable.
I believe that through understanding of ourselves, we can learn to heal.