Embellish Your Ideas

Make your ideas come to life; with a surrealistic approach to traditional creativity, Mickee will use his illustrious skillset to create unique art catered to your story.

Art With Meaning

The artist prides himself on his sheer passion for providing brilliant story-telling art & does so by using the tools required to portray his ideas. By request, Mickee can provide physical work in addition to the required files for your project.


The Promoter

Whether you need a logo or need print-ready designs for merchandise, we can help you with a vast range
of skills in graphic design.

You'll have everything you need for your next big release.


Check out Mickee's selection of art with an available license waiting for you to use as your next tour poster or album cover.

Please refer to the table below to estimate the length of time and price of the commissioned work. This is used only as a guide and is subject to change.

 Job Price (AUD) Estimated Time

Artwork Design (1600 px)

$60 3 days
Artwork Design (3000+ px) $100 3 days
Merch Design $70 3 days
Logo $50 3 days
Complexity* $0-70* 0-7 days*
Physical Artwork (can vary) (can vary)
*Depending on the overall workload of the project 

Mockup +$30 +1 day
Social Media Pack +$20 +1 day
Fast Delivery +30% -30%
Licensing (1 year term) $100 N/A

(This graph is used only as a guide, final price can vary across different projects)