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Of Stars, The Moon & The Apocalypse

Posted on July 06 2018

She haunts my dreams
Like a mid-winter eclipse, beautifully apocalyptic. The way the two cannot even always share the same sky, but when they do, it causes the most eye-tearingly beautiful phenomenon to ever be taken for granted. When they align, nothing else exists...or really matters.

This is nature telling it's greatest love story, in an ancient language very few can understand. The Sun can't always be by Lunars' side, but always shining on her. Lunar will subconsciously use the light of the sun wherever she's taken...if it's day, she'll shine there...if it's night, she'll shine there.

With his everlasting burning desire, Lunar will hardly get too close, she knows, that his light will burn. Despite the anomalously radiant warmth, she pulls away and turns cold, as if to go on ambitiously raising further tides without him.

So the Sun hides, in the shadows but always existing, waiting for her to steal his light again, getting cold.

She'll never know...until the light is gone..when it is, he ceases to exist..and so will she...

- Mickee


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