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The Shapeshifter

Posted on April 11 2019

The Shapeshifter, in perspective, your subconscious as an organic self-being hidden from the physical world inside a shell, yourself, the one you see in the mirror amongst the others which your eyes perceive in the surrounding field as familiar beings.
We ask, who are we? A more adequate question is what are we? An idea, a manifestation from the trajectory of nature with a physical shell used as a tool to grow this idea we call ourselves.
All that we experience from the biggest cloud to the slew of a dark day is the universe laying down the trackwork for our next shape form and it's our only responsibly to take each wave and use it to our advantage.
We can use this to become the best version of ourselves or let it consume us and exile our subconscious into the depths of the cosmos, therefore, disintegrating the idea of what we thought we were into cosmic dust.
With this, look back not how you were prior, but rather a former shape of which you used to take solace, and approach the new, the now as wind and water shaping the mountains of your soul.
 You are, and always were, the shapeshifter.
- Mickee

All photos were taken during the RAW IMPACT exhibition at the Melbourne Pavilion on 4/4/2019


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