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The Bitter Irony of Mickee - What drives my inspiration...Art & Anxiety

Posted on June 16 2018

In a society for the non-conformative conformatives one must understand
that the old way of thinking about what is 'right' or 'wrong' is now redundant.
What I mean is that, of course, this is subject to the individual whom interprets the concept. I, for one, am confused...So confused about what is right or wrong to the point of induced anxiety. This is like trying to walk two separate ways at the same time to the point of collapsing.

It wasn't until my fall from grace that I realised that instead of trying to do everything right by the standard of society, or at least from my perspective, that I just need to close my eyes, breathe, experience, love.
This is all we need to do to remember what it means to be alive for we didn't come into this earth when we were born but we simply came out of it,
the same way a new tree is born.
Enjoy life, not the way you've been told but the way you must in order to be happy and content.

I found the key to my subconscious through the tip of a pencil, this kind of therapy is one that is unique to one person but translated a million ways to another. The healing power of art has been there for me when nobody could, when my consciousness was deteriorating and provides balance to an unbalanced imagination, an outlet for creativity.

This is the reason why when I design, I try to teach a little bit about your inner-self, whilst also teaching you about my inner-self. It's a little bit like watching a child draw a picture, they are not trying to do something 'cool' and 'fancy' (in spite of my frustratingly perfectionist ways), it's simply a message.
Needless to say, without art, I wouldn't have much else to offer, besides love, some laughter, comfort....Why not have all of this through the reflection of an illustration which will live longer than I?

I believe that if we look inside ourselves and release all that is negative, we can learn a lot about ourselves and our existence as humans.
Anyway, the underlying message of my catastrophic ramblings is that simply,
I'm here, for you with every possible fathomable artistic and philosophical ideal that I can possibly provide...

- Mickee

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  • Sandi Thomas: July 06, 2018


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